Our DTP team is made up of highly qualified and skilled DTP specialists, Graphic designers and Project managers. We work with the latest software and applications to quickly and efficiently process your brochures, catalogues and reports, making sure that they look attractive in any language.
Here you can find information about the services we offer, languages we handle and software we work with:

File preparation

Preparation of files for translation from all DTP applications and formats.
Our team at TTS NORDIKA reviews and prepares the original material received in order to ensure proper segmentation. The process consists basically on removing all elements present in the document that are breaking segments or sentences such as hard returns, manual line breaks, tabs, use of spaces, etc and reformat the document using correct paragraph indentation and tabulations for example. A good practice at the beginning allows you to automatically maintain a proper layout during and after the translation process.

This step also includes the preparation of image text and ensure that all necessary text will be translated.

DOCUMENT conversion / recreation 

(PDF to Word/InDesign)
We extract and format the text from editable or scanned PDF’s and make it suitable for translation with a CAT tool. We can handle this service in multiple languages in situations where the original editable source material is not available and you only have a PDF. 

PDF to Word Conversion types:
1. Basic
2. Medium
3. AdvanCed
A simple extraction of text with no advanced layout recreation. The extracted text can be used when the text needs to be pasted into an existing template or layout program afterwards.  The converted file should look similar to the original PDF provided. However, the file(s) in question may contain some elements that can be skipped or simplified. For example indentation is not important and text from drawings can be placed in a 2 column-table under the image or a separate file. The full layout should be reproduced in the resulted Word document. This involves making automatic header/footer and TOC, making image texts editable using textboxes, using paragraph styles, etc.

Multilingual DTP  

Layout adjustments and formatting of localized material.
Our team of professional graphic designers (DTPers) is trained to properly handle the post translation process of layout adjustments in any language. These include Central European, eastern European, Cyrillic, or right to left languages. 

This service is provided in different format files such as Word, InDesign, FramemakerPowerpoint, etc.

Image editing/localization

(Graphics, illustrations and diagrams)
This task involves either a manual typesetting of the image text in the native software and posterior layout fix or simply to implement any adjustments to the translated image versions and get them ready for implementation in the final output. 

Typesetting and formatting

Manual implementation of translated text in the native layout software.
This applies to situations where the translations are provided in Word format and need to be imported or manually implemented in the original software such as InDesign plus the necessary layout adjustments. 

Translation Memory creation (Alignments) 

We prepare and align old versions of the documents which are going to be translated in order to create a translation memory. 

With the memory from the alignment (and segments that already exist in the translation memory for this client) it is possible to analyse a new text, to find the amount of equal or almost equal segments in the memories. This will, together with the word count, be the basis for calculating a price and delivery time for the client and payment to the translator. 

Today standard formats of the documents are often Word or InDesign documents, but we can also get PDF documents generated from PageMakerFrameMakerQuark Xpress, etc. 

Software we utilize
Office (Word, Visio, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint) 
Adobe InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop 
Adobe Framemaker 
Quark XPress 
ABBYY Fine Reader 
Adobe Acrobat Pro 
Languages we handle
Western or Eastern European languages
Russian (and related Cyrillic scripts)
Right to left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew
Double-bytes scripts (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
And any other Non-latin-based scripts such as Greek, Thai, Turkish etc.

If you are translating double-byte character languages such as Chinese or right-to-left languages, such as Arabic or Persian (Farsi) and these scripts are not available in the same font you used for the source language, we offer font replacements.